Just like the services we offer, navigating our website is fast and easy.

At Air Marino, there’s always room at the inn! With a capacity of 500 parking spaces, there’s always room for one more.

At Air Marino, you’re practically guaranteed to make your flight. Located just over 2 miles from the Terminal, you’re almost there as soon as you get here!

At Air Marino, service is second to none! In fact, we’re so proud of it, we’ve attached our name to the business.

Finally, at Air Marino, you’ll pay less and get more! We don't inflate our rates and randomly discount them in an effort to take advantage of the silent majority. We offer our discounted rates to everyone, everyday, so there's no need for contacts, coupons or organizational memberships. You'll pay just $6.50 per day or $44.95* for your 1st week! And Each additional day over 7 days adds just $5.95 a day!

Welcome to the family!
*Rates exclude airport access fee and tax.