O P E N - O P E N - O P E N
R e s e r v e   N o w!

The management and staff at Air Marino are pleased to announce that we have re-opened our parking facility effective March 22, 2021.

Safeguards relative to Covid 19 have been put in place, and we are proud to inform you that the staff that has allowed us to achieve the Pittsburgh International Airports only 5 Star (*****) rating for airport parking lots will be returning.

Reservations are once again being accepted, and in an effort to further increase customer safety, we are now providing you with an “online payments option” designed to reduce person to person exposure by eliminating the need for on site check out.

Please support our effort to get Air Marino Airport Parking back up and running, and we’ll promise not to disappoint you. Never before have we been more excited to service you.

Help us to once again prove to you, that “the best trips start and end at Air Marino”!